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As one reviewer from The West Australian Newspaper put it, Nat Ripepi is “gutsy, powerful and sexy” while also being described by XPRESS Music Magazine as a “tidal wave of talent”. To hear her is to experience a rare talent whose music is intoxicating, heart-wrenching and wonderfully polished. If you love female singer songwriters such as Sarah McLachlan, Missy Higgins, Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Melissa Etheridge and others like them, then Nat Ripepi is a must have for your collection!

Her music has been nominated for several music industry awards and has been touted by critics the world over. The sheer emotion and power that comes from her songs, with personal lyrics and addictive melodies, will make her the perfect soundtrack for you to fall in love with or to mend your broken heart.

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