I had to show you this video (even though it’s not the greatest quality)!
It’s a live video of Trevor Jalla, a fellow Perth musician and awesome guy, doing an instrumental version of my song I Will Not Fall.

This had nothing to do with me either! We were put on the same bill on a local songwriter night and when he got up to do his set, he announced that he was going to play it. I was SOOOO shocked and flattered and humbled! I couldn’t believe he liked my song enough to arrange an instrumental version of it!!! My eyes may have leaked a little while he played it 🙂 Absolutely incredible!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

If you haven’t heard my recording of it, you can listen to a sample here or if you would like a FREE download, read this blog post.

I co-wrote the song with a brilliant singer-songwriter from Brighton, by the name of Emily Baker, while I was living in the UK. I have to say that it’s my favourite track from my album Piece By Piece which you can find by clicking this link.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Lots of love

x Nat

Nat Ripepi with Susanna Hoffs

This blog is all about reminiscing….I wanted to share with you one of my greatest musical memories…. Lets go back to the 29th of October 2010, which A) was my birthday, B) was the day I got to hold my (then) brand new CD PIECE BY PIECE for the very first time, C) I had one of the BEST gigs of my life and D) I got to hang with THE BANGLES!

I had been asked to be the opening act on a dream line-up of total legends, Pat Benatar and The Bangles who were performing on a huge stage in the glorious grounds of Perth Zoo! I was in complete and utter awe as I had grown up listening to both of these artists, singing and dancing around the house with my sisters when we were kids, so to be sharing a stage with them blew my mind! I was so shy and nervous going back stage, but after my soundcheck, I did just that and was soon warmly greeted by Mick Mahan, Pat Benatar’s long time bass player (and all ’round awesome nice guy!). He made me feel right at home and we chatted at length about all things music. Soon I was back on-stage doing my thing and WOW, what a gig! The audience were amazing. As I left the stage, The Bangles were waiting at the bottom of the stairs getting ready to go on. They greeted me warmly and complimented me on my set. Susanna even told me how amazing she thought my voice was! I think I nearly fainted on the spot!!! 🙂

There’s teeny tiny me on that HUGE stage!

Then it got even better …I wandered out to the merch tent after my set to see if I might sell a cd or two and was shocked to be greeted by a massive long line of people waiting for me to sign their CDs! I was signing CD’s for what felt like ages! I sold close to 100 CDs that night! I was on cloud nine! When the line was finished, I wandered to the side of stage to watch the rest of The Bangles set. They were awesome as expected. So much energy and such fun…I was feeling like a kid again.

The Bangles from side of stage

Unfortunately, I missed my window to meet Pat Benatar. She arrived while I was on stage and had a separate backstage area to us and also had to leave immediately after her set to catch a plane. My disappointment was only minor though as I still got to watch her from the side of the stage. Man…What a voice! Pure rock goddess! I sure have a thing or two to learn from her! Susanna, Debbi, Vicki and Mick all assured me she was totally wonderful off stage as well.

Nat Ripepi with Debbi Peterson

The girls from The Bangles were all Amazing! Even though they also had a seperate backstage area, they preferred to hang with all the crew etc. in the common area. I was too nervous and star-struck to approach them, but turns out I didn’t need to – as they all approached me – AND asked for my CD! They were all so friendly and fun and treated me like one of the gang. I had such a great night hanging with them, talking music, watching cool videos on youtube…I cant begin to describe just how cool they all were. I didn’t want that night to ever end!

Nat Ripepi with Vicki Peterson

I’ve opened for a lot of very talented and successful artists over the years, but this particular gig was the crowning glory of them all… I guess the stars were all aligned or something….it exceeded all my expectations and left me with some great memories that will stick with me forever. I’m forever grateful for this musical life I lead…. I’m one very lucky gal!…

If you have a favourite memory, musical or otherwise, I’d love to hear all about it! Please feel free to share it in the comments section below!

With love….nat xx

Blake Williams and Nat Ripepi at Mix94.5

Here’s another flashback blog…. This turned out to be one crazy emotional and exciting day! Read on to find out why…

In February of 2014, I was invited by the lovely Blake Williams to feature on his radio show ‘The Scene’ on Perth station Mix 94.5. I was very flattered and a little shocked as I hadn’t been actively looking for any publicity at the time. I was just happily plugging away at my regular pub gigs and preparing for the arrival of mine and my partner’s baby, so I was stoked to get back on the airwaves and sing a couple of live songs. I sang a track from my CD Piece By Piece and then participated in a little challenge. Each week, Blake asks his guests to cover a well known Aussie song, but he doesn’t reveal the track until you get there and then you have some time during the add breaks to put something together. I was given “Walking On A Dream” by awesome Aussie band Empire of The Sun. Below is a little vid my partner filmed of what came out.


If you’d like to listen to my little chat with Blake, you can listen to The Scene podcast by clicking on the link.

Then the crazy part begins…. After this interview, my heavily pregnant partner and I popped around the corner from the radio station to King Edward Memorial Hospital for a quick check-up and got told we weren’t going home – baby had to come out today! She had lost weight in the womb since the last check-up, so she had to come out ASAP! We were totally unprepared! No bags packed or anything. The only thing I had packed in the car was my guitar 🙂

Such a crazy day – singing on the radio one minute then going into labour the next!!! Thanks to the incredible team at KEMH, our beautiful baby girl arrived healthy and safe at 11:02am the following morning. Here she is….

What a day that turned out to be! One of the best (and most emotional) days of my life! I’ll be remembering that one 🙂

Any crazy memories you’d like to share with me? Leave them in the comments below.

’til next time…

With love x Nat