Considering most of the world is in lockdown right now or following the #stayathome advice, I thought it would be perfect timing to talk about “Home”. I personally, have never spent this much time at home! After over 20 years of constant gigging, it’s a very weird feeling not having ANY plans or anywhere to be. After the initial panic of finding out all my gigs had been cancelled and worrying about the wellbeing of my loved ones, I have tried to spend some time looking for the positives.

One positive is seeing how trying times can bring out the best in people. It feels like the world has gone a little crazy, but in amongst it all are some beautiful stories of hope, goodwill and connection. My favourite ones are the viral videos of high rise apartment blocks in Spain and Italy where residents are out on their balconies singing and dancing in one big communal choir. For centuries, music has been a powerful tool for healing and bonding, so it is no surprise to see music bringing people together in a time when we have to be physically distant.

I lost my work due to COVID-19, which according to ScoMo’s recent public address means musicians are deemed ‘non essential’, but I would disagree. Humans are social beings and many are finding it very hard and unnatural being so isolated. These videos show just how essential music is for our mental health and wellbeing, which is why musicians all over the world are finding creative ways to continue sharing music. Hard times can definitely bring out the best in us.

I’ve been complaining for ages about needing more time to reignite my creative spark and now I’ve been handed all the time in the world to get back into writing and recording. I was lucky enough to set up a home studio in my apartment right before the restrictions came into place, so now I can really sink my teeth into producing more music. My first project is to record an unreleased song which I coincidentally, have called “Home”. I wrote this song after getting ‘a little bit lost’ and realising how it made coming home so much sweeter. Quite fitting for the situation we find ourselves in now. I’m so happy to find myself with more time at home and I can’t wait to see what creativity comes out of this.

So, while you’re waiting for me, here’s a little sneak peak of ‘Home’ which was recorded live at The Quarry Amphitheatre on the 7th of March, just before all the lockdowns and restrictions on social gatherings came into effect.